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How can we be created a volcano in the bottle sitting at home

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A volcano can be created in a bottle sitting at home

What are volcanoes? The magma below the upper layer of the earth rises vigorously and makes a terrifying attempt to get out of the upper layer. We can also create this phenomenon in a bottle sitting at home. How can we create? If such a question comes to mind, let's do it ourselves.

What should needed for do experiment?

Straight plastic bottle, water, food coloring, cooking peanut oil, coconut oil or baby oil, urcol plus or tablets called calcium afferent (which when put in water removes a lot of bubbles).

What do you want to do in the experiment?

There are several steps for making a volcano, which are describing in below

· The first of all to experiment is to spread a newspaper on the table.

· Now put a flat plastic bottle on the table.

· Now take a tub of water and gently pour the water into a plastic bottle.

· Pour enough water into a plastic bottle to fill a quarter.

· Bottle color of food is available in green and yellow color will make it look nice.

· Put two to four drops of green color in a smooth plastic bottle.

· Then add two to four drops of yellow color on it.

· Shake the bottle nicely. So that the water in it becomes light green in color.

· Now pour the peanut oil (Coconut or Baby Oil) into the bottle.

· Add as much oil as in the one quarter part so remaining quarter can be fill up in the bottle.

· The oil will be different from the water and both together will fill half the bottle.

· Now take the pill and divide it into two parts so that it is easy to put in the bottle.

· Both parts of the pill are put in a bottle together.

· See what happens when you do this and write it down in your notebook.

                                                            Fig 2. Actual Volcano

What will be seen by inserting the tablet?

· You will see that after pouring both the halves of the tablet into the bottle, the two halves will go through the oil and settle in the water.

· As soon as it is soaked in water, bubbles will start coming out of it. Gradually the amount of bubbles will increase and it will also try to carry the water with it across the layer of the oil.

· In a volcano, magma flows down the rocks, moving in the same direction upwards, and carrying rocks and soil with it.

Why would this happen? 

When you put water in a plastic bottle, it collects at the bottom, because the water particles are loosely attached to each other, so they slip like a slippery substance and collect at the bottom.

Then the poured oil is lighter than water. Since its particles are more closely connected than water, the space between them remains the same. So no matter how much you put the oil on the water to make it lighter, the whole layer stays afloat.

Now if you add a peel then it sits across the oil and water at the bottom due to its weight.

After seating at the bottom, it seems to melt in contact with water.

When this peel dissolves, carbon dioxide gas is released from the pressure between its particles.

Since it is gas, it is lighter than both water and oil ,so as it loosens up, it starts to climb above the water and reach on it and comes out with oil and dissolves in the air.

As the tablet melts, more and more carbon dioxide is released and the water begins to boil.

The scene is like an original volcano.

Turn off the main light and do whole experiment in the light of spotlight or torch, it will look more elegant and dramatic.

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