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Why green tea is too much healthy? | Green Tea - Weight Loss

Green tea is more helpful in different health issues such as cancer,heart problem,weight loss,It is more healthier than Other teas.

How is green tea very helpful for health?

Why green tea is too much healthy? | Green Tea - Weight Loss

Green tea was first grown in China. Most of the green tea grown today is grown in China and Japan, which is also where most of the world's green tea is consumed. However, it has gained a great deal of popularity in other parts of the world, primarily because we now better understand its health benefits.

What is Green Tea ? : How is it different from Black Tea ?

Green tea has been the most popular drink in Asian countries for centuries. But, in the Western world, black tea has been overwhelmingly more popular than green tea until recently. But, as we have learned more about green tea's unique taste and many health benefits, it has gained popularity all over the world.

Green tea, like black tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. The difference between green and black tea comes from how the tea is processed. Black tea is fermented during processing; green tea is not. After the tea leaves are plucked, they are laid out to wither for about 8 to 24 hours.

This lets most of the water evaporate. Next, to prevent the oxidation (fermentation) process, the leaves are steamed or pan fried. Finally the leaves are rolled before a final drying takes place. After this final drying, the leaves, which still look green, can now be sorted, graded and packaged.

The lack of fermentation causes green tea to look, smell and taste different than black tea. It typically brews to a pale green color and has a bit of a grassy flavor and aroma. This lack of fermentation also causes green tea to have more health benefits than black tea.

Variety of Green Tea : Green Tea Matcha

Today, nearly any tea purveyor will carry green tea in loose form. There are many green tea varieties with distinct tastes. In addition, there are many varieties of flavored green tea. These appeal to the many people who may not find plain green tea's somewhat grassy flavor to be appealing. When flavored with other fruits and herbs, green tea can take on many different flavors.

One of the most traditional green tea forms is matcha. This form of green tea is used in Japanese tea ceremonies and was the primary form of green tea in Japan for centuries. Matcha is simply green tea that has been crushed into powder form. It is then whisked into hot water to make traditional Japanese green tea. Most other parts of the world use loose tea to make green tea rather than matcha.

Today, there are many varieties of green tea. Different green teas will have slightly different tastes depending upon the region in which they are grown and how they are flavored. If you're new to drinking green tea, there are many places to buy green tea and many flavors with which to experiment.

To brew a cup of green tea, use fresh cold water. Fill your kettle and place it on the stove to heat. While the water is heating, add warm tap water to your teapot and your cups, if you wish, to warm them. When the water comes to a boil, remove it from the heat and remove the tap water from your teapot. Let the water sit for about 2 minutes.

Has green tea caffeine content ?

Many of us are wondering just how much is the caffeine content in green tea. We've heard so much about this wonder drink and what it can do to our health but very few talks about its caffeine content.

The average 8 oz. cup of coffee contains roughly 95 mg caffeine while the same 8 oz. cup of green tea contains approximately 30-50 mg per 8 oz. serving.

How to make Green Tea ?

Why green tea is too much healthy? | Green Tea - Weight Loss

Green tea should be brewed with water that is about 160°F, which is cooler than most other teas. Add the green tea to your teapot and pour water over the leaves. Use about 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup. Most green tea should steep about 1-2 minutes before serving. The best green tea should give you 2-3 infusions.

There are many varieties and flavors of green tea for you to try. Buy a few different green teas in small quantities until you find the green tea that's perfect for you.

Tips : How you create the healthiest cup of tea possible

1. Don't add green tea directly to boiling water as it destroys those healthy catechins.

2. Don't go decaf, because the decaffeination process hurts more of the nutrients found within green tea.

3. Add lemon into your tea as it aids in the absorption of some of these nutrients.

4. Go for the good premium stuff, as it contains more of the healthy nutrients.

5. Don't buy into the BS supplements, that take green tea extract and claim that it has miracle health benefits.The real thing is always healthier than the supplement form.

When and How much to drink green tea ?

It is essential to understand that timing of drinking green tea is very important as taking it randomly can cause adverse effects and you should not drink excessive amount of it .When it is the best time to drink green tea one not as your early morning drink drinking green tea. First thing in the morning may not be a good idea a study conducted on dietary supplement with green tea extracts reported that green tea supplement on an empty stomach can have adverse effects on the liver to at least two hours before or after mealtime drink green tea between meals preferably at least two hours before or after eating to maximize your nutrient intake. But, avoid it along with a meal most especially if you are anemic that is because according to a fact sheet that was published by the National Cancer Institute the antioxidant catechins in green tea inhibit the absorption and digestion of iron from your diet taking it between meals can allow your body to absorb iron from the food but if you want to drink green tea with your meal make sure you include food that enhances iron absorption such as vitamin C rich.

Food red meat is good to mitigate the interaction between iron and tea also adding milk or lemon tea or green tea would help to an extent at least one to two hours before going to bed. There are many articles on internet about the calming properties of green tea which can low your body into a peaceful slumber but green tea is not a bedtime drink .Caffeine is a scientifically proven stimulant which disrupts sleep also green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine that has the capacity to calm you down but also make you alert focus and concentrate better which is at odds with getting a good night's sleep. How many cups daily is the limit for drinking green tea unless you are drinking green tea in moderation it could cause some trouble to your body.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center a person should limit consumption of green tea to 2 to 3 cups daily or 100 to 750 milligrams of standardized green tea extract per day.

Is Green tea bad for health ?

There is two points are more important. Firstly anything in excess is bad especially when an addictive substance like caffeine is involved so if you're going to consume 10 cups of green tea just to lose weight you're playing the game wrong it's gonna affect your sleep badly which in the long term won't only affect your weight loss badly .But, it also affect your peace of mind so if you want to be healthy and happy in the long term don't throw into things like green tea and weight loss supplements just do the basics right .

The second point just because marketing agencies don't sell black tea to you the way they sell green tea to you doesn't mean black tea is bad for you it's also got antioxidants and it's also got a lot of other health benefits so don't discount that entirely green tea isn't some magical drink that's come out of China it's just because it sounds exotic you know people go on that whole green tea bandwagon. You should also include some form of black tea in your diet ideally.

What are the benefits of green tea ?

There are top seven benefits to drink green tea as mention below :

1. Green tea may help prevent cancer (But it's not gonna cure and prevent all types of cancer).

2. Green tea is great for your mouth.

3. Green tea is great for focus. 

4. Green tea is good for your heart.

5. Green tea can help you to burn fat.

6. Green tea can protect your brain.

7. Green tea may increase a lifespan.

How is green tea lose weight ?

People believe that green tea some sort of magical weight-loss drink but unfortunately that's not entirely true. If you want to understand this better let's get into the science of it. Firstly green tea is full of antioxidants and antioxidants are great for your health but the one antioxidant that helps a lot with weight loss is something called EGCG or Fe Gallo Catechol Galan . You heard that right now ingesting EGCG is linked to an increase in the function of catecholamines in the body catecholamines are type of hormone that's linked to stress related situations or situations that involve muscle contraction but most importantly catecholamines are linked to fat loss and that's where this whole green tea makes you lose weight thing comes into play.

The good news is that there were studies conducted on EGCG and fat loss and there was definitely a link that was found between the two okay and as for the bad news unfortunately there's two points to be noted. The first is that in these studies green tea was not used instead they were using EGCG extracts that's pure EGCG and secondly, to actually get any kind of weight loss related benefit from EGCG you need to consume anywhere between 300 to 400 milligrams a day one cup of green tea has about 30 to 60 milligrams per day depending on its strength. So,effectively you need to be consuming 10 cups of green tea to see any form of weight loss so green tea contains a substantial amount of caffeine which will help in your fat loss to some extent but it's not gonna make up for all those desserts that you eat if you go and eat unhealthy food and then just drink a glass of green tea that's not going to make up for it. You've got to remember caffeine is an addictive substance it works just like cigarettes if you want that kick from caffeine continuously you constantly need to up your dosage and that's why I'm kind of against caffeine consumption though even I have my own cup of chai every single day.

It's not a good habit to have no caffeine will give you some amount of fat loss in the short term and will get you alert after that cup of tea or coffee but real fitness and real health comes from the long-term game and the three pillars of the long-term game are a good diet and active lifestyle with exercise and most importantly in my opinion for long-term happiness is good sleep. Now here's the thing about caffeine most people who are addicted to it which in my book is more than three cups of coffee or green tea per day don't even realize that they're addicted to it. So,anyone consumes caffeine in this amount they don't even realize that actually affecting the quality of this sleep that's what caffeine stopping you from it's preventing you from getting good quality sleep ,which in the long term will give you much more fat loss than those two or three cups of green tea that you have every single day.

So,when you actually want to lose weight you want to be healthy remember give preference to sleep not something you ingest just a burn off fact. Now don't get me wrong I'm not dissing green tea entirely in fact it does have a lot of benefits those antioxidants present in green tea do a lot of things for your body.

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