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7 biggest brain damaging habits that you should stop

Biggest brain damaging habits that might be affect body and brain function as well

7 biggest brain damaging habits

7 biggest brain damaging habits that you should stop

Brain is main organ of our body and you are considering it as CPU of computer. If you are damaging your brain then it affects other organs of body. Some people have bad habits like high sugar consumption,skipping breakfast and so on. These all might be affect or damage your brain. I will share idea about which habits and how it affects the brain function.

There are seven bad habits that most people have and I recommended that you should stop these habits because according to World Health Organisation(WHO), these habits may damage our body and brain functions as well.

1.Missing breakfast
2.Sleeping late
3.High sugar consumption  
4.More sleeping specially at morning
5.Eating meal while watching TV or computer
6.Wearing cap/scarf or socks while sleeping
7.Habits of blocking/stoping urine

I will discuss all these habits in following article and describe about how all are damaging brain function so,you should consider these habits before doing.

1. Missing breakfast

In modern times, most people live in their daily routine. It often happens that you wake up late in the morning due to sleep deprivation at night and because of it, you may skip to take a breakfast in the morning. Not everyone understands the disadvantages of missing breakfast but it is harmful in real life.

Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day. It feels like there is no petrol in the car without breakfast which means you feel empty. Breakfast foods contain important nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin B, protein and fiber. Your body needs such nutrients. Research says that if you miss breakfast, you have to compensate for it in the remaining days.

If you skip breakfast, you need to take more sugar, which means your sugar level goes down and it damages your brain. Breakfast helps maintain your sugar levels and carbohydrates and helps keep your brain functioning. Many studies show that having breakfast increases your memory and concentration power and it reduces your stress which makes you happy and always stay in the original mood.

2. Sleeping late

In this day and age, many have smart phones and laptops. Most of the youngsters use all such gadgets till the mid-night and do not get enough sleep which causes them to suffer from many diseases.

Lack of sleep causes a decrease in the capacity of your neurons and it fails to coordinate with your brain which affects your workstyle and relationships. It also often happens that your senses and reflexes get dull due to lack of sleep and this can lead to a major accident.

Not getting enough sleep can also affect your work ethic and make it difficult for you to concentrate on learning new things. Less sleep often leads to psychiatric risks such as anxiety, depression and paranoia. Due to all these effects your central nervous system cannot function properly and it has a direct connection with the brain. This results in a decrease in the working capacity of the brain. Make you happy by having enough time for your sleep and finishing the next day's work in less time.

3. High sugar consumption

Our bodies and brains need sugar to function properly but it does not mean that it should be taken in large quantities. You may have heard from anyone that "too much of anything is harmful and it should be anything"

When you do a good job of consuming too much sugar every day, your brain cells reach a state of charonic inflammation, which affects your ability to absorb important nutrients from food and impairs your brain's ability to function properly.

You may have heard many times that taking too much sugar causes diseases like diabetes. It is true in real life. Joseph C. Masdeu says that diabetes increases the risk of blood vessels over time, as well as the brain's small vessels often becoming damage. All of this affects the nerves, which are in the brain and it direct leads to changes in your thinking capacity that is called vascular dementia. We should consume enough sugar and be helpful to brains and bodies.

4. More Sleeping specially at morning

It often happens that the main reason for wanting to sleep for a long time in the morning is not getting enough sleep at night that is called sleep depression. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) noted that Adult should get 7-8 hours of sleep so that he can follow Daily routine properly in the next day and feel a comfortable life. According to AASM, 20% of the people fail to get the required sleep. People who do not get enough sleep feel constantly tired in the next day and prefer more sleep so that they become more lazy.

If you think that getting too much sleep can affect your brain, then you are thinking in the right direction. Mental ability and memory power are reduced and as a result you go through depression for a long time. Often the risk of long-term brain stroke also increases. All such problems are seen for a long time.

5. Eating meal while watching TV or computer

You may have visited the homes of family or friends and many times you may have noticed that many people prefer to eat meals while using television or computer which is bad habit and it can affect your brain. When you are watching television while eating, your concentration deviates which distracts your brain and this result, the brain receives the wrong signal and it leads to overeating. Often the feeling of satisfaction disappears when both the processes are done together.

Medical science believes that watching televisions while eating can cause you to focus on eating, which can lead to eat more foods and sometimes long-term obesity. Then you will think about trying to lose weight and you have to work hard for a long time and if you don't succeed then you will have to face the stress and depression which may damage to brain and heart as well.

6. Wearing cap/scarf or socks while sleeping

Sleep is an important part of everyone's life and humans spend one third part of the day for sleep. Sleep is very important for normal brain and body function. Many people use socks while sleeping to get enough sleep. It is very beneficial but is also harmful if  it is not used properly.

In the modern era,there are many types of socks are available in the market . But, Some poor quality socks that block the blood flow to your feet which makes the foot feel like it has gone wrong and it sends a negative message to your brain which also affects the brain. 

7. Habit of blocking/stoping urine

We often stop urinating due to laziness which can cause you many problems such as weak the bladder muscles over time. As a result, many problems can be notify such as incontinence and reduction in the capacity to completely empty the bladder. It often produces bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. In addition, there is an increased risk of neurogenic bladder infections that affect your brain.


These all are habits such as sleeping late and high sugar consumption may damage your brain function and due to this, our body can not work properly and distract mind that may leads to stress or depression. I recommended to stop all these habits so,we can live happier and maintain our daily routines.


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